2015 Husqvarna FE350 first thoughts

2015 Husqvarna FE350 first thoughts

First few laps I was thinking how mellow the motor was. It was so easy to ride, so linear and smooth the power, but I was a little surprised how tame it felt considering it has a full Acrapovic exhaust system. The suspension was like a magic carpet. Bumps which had previously phased me and shaken me off course on the 350 SX-F which I have been riding the past year were basically just non existent. The 4CS WP forks just tracked over everything. I was cutting way cleaner and sharper lines within a couple of lap that I ever did on the SX-F. The flip side to this of course was that they also bottom out pretty easily, and this they did fairly often but I was actually happy to take this trade off in bottoming for the extra stability. I might try stiffening them up a bit though next time.


After about 10 laps I stopped for a break and noticed the mapping switch next to the throttle. Ahhha, lets try it in mode 2! No longer was the bike tame, it turned into a fiery beast! Much better :)

But that switch is great. When I got tired later I put it back into the first setting and just floated around the X-Bowl arena.


What else? Well the brakes are even better than stock because this bike has the full moto master setup on it, the ergonomics are nice and help you grip the bike well with your knees. It’s not a light bike for sure. I got a little wobbly a couple of times when we hit the rock lines on the enduro trail at X-Bowl and once I bailed off the bike it was hard to hold it up but I just about managed it. Dont want to scratch it on the first ride! It’s super stable on the rough stuff though, as long as you keep some momentum you are fine as the bike just tractors through anything. Proper review once I get some more seat time but first impressions were really positive, especially because it seems to work almost equally as well on the motocross track as riding enduro.


  • DesignSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine, liquid-cooled
  • Displacement349.7 cm³
  • Bore88 mm
  • Stroke57.5 mm
  • Starting aidElectric starter
  • Transmission6-speed, claw shifted
  • Engine lubricationForced oil lubrication with 2 Eaton pumps
  • Primary ratio24:73
  • Secondary gear ratio14:52 (13:52)
  • Cooling systemLiquid cooling system, continuous circulation of cooling liquid with water pump
  • ClutchWet multi-disc clutch DDS / Brembo hydraulics
  • Ignition systemContactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment


  • FrameCentral tube frame made of chrome molybdenum steel tubing
  • ForksWP Suspension Up Side Down 4CS
  • Shock absorberWP Monoshock with linkage
  • Suspension travel Front300 mm
  • Suspension travel Rear330 mm
  • Brake system FrontDisc brake with two-piston floating brake caliper
  • Brake system RearDisc brake with single-piston floating brake caliper
  • Brake discs – diameter Front260 mm
  • Brake discs – diameter Rear220 mm
  • Chain520 X-Ring
  • Steering head angle63.5°
  • Wheel base1,482±10 mm
  • Ground clearance (unloaded)345 mm
  • Seat height (unloaded)970 mm
  • Total fuel tank capacity approx.9.5 l Unleaded premium fuel (95 RON)
  • Weight without fuel approx.109.2 kg

Photos by myself, Zajcmaster and Jason Moriarty. Here are a few of Chris Hauthaler who was riding as well on his Husqvarna TE250.


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