Highlights video, Cudby photos and race report from Rd.3 of the AMA Motocross nationals!

Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey finished 1-3 on the podium at Rd. 3 of the US Pro MX Championship in Thunder Valley, Colorado, to claim their second consecutive double podiums in the prestigious 450-class Championship. Roczen and Dungey are also 1-2 in the championship points.

Dungey secured the best start in the opening moto and was fourth in lap one with Roczen at sixth place. Dungey quickly moved around KTM rider Andrew Short on lap two and two laps later moved into second after passing Josh Grant. He then began to reel in leader James Stewart but could not make his attempts to pass stick.


Behind him Roczen was on the charge and moved up to third after passing Trey Canard just after half way through the race. The German teenager then took on Dungey in a battle for the podium position. Roczen made the pass on his teammate and began to pressure Stewart but had to settle for second at the finish line. Dungey seemed to have third place in the bag but then crashed due to poor vision after he ran out of tear offs. He recovered quickly to finish fourth.

Dungey also had a great start in the second moto but Roczen passed him only a few laps into the race and then took on Canard for the lead. The two exchanged the lead several times. Roczen eventually claimed the top spot and went on to lead the remaining laps, turning the fastest lap time of the day in the process. Dungey also caught and pass Canard to advance into second place behind Roczen. He remained within three seconds of him for most of the race then dropped back slightly in the closing stages. 

Ken Roczen: “I am happy to get another win. My focus is to continue to win motos and keep the red plate. I had a great second moto race today and feel really good about my results and fitness.”

Ryan Dungey: “I am definitely pushing to improve myself each race. Luckily, Kenny (Roczen) and I have been practicing a lot together, which is good for both of us. Today I made a few mistakes and he had a bit more speed than me in some areas but overall I feel good and am excited about this season.” Both Roczen and Dungey ride the KTM 450 SX-F.

Musquin moves up to fifth in 250-class
Red Bull KTM Factory teammate Marvin Musquin continued his successful return to the track after a long injury break, carding a fifth place, his best overall finish of the season.

The French rider Musquin opened his bid in the first moto with a sixth place start, moved up to fifth a few laps into the race but a few mistakes dropped him back to eighth at the half-way point. He scrambled back into the action and put together a consistent performance for the second half of the moto to cross the line in seventh.

Musquin had a top 10 start in the second moto and was at eighth at the close of the first lap. By the halfway point he had moved into sixth place and immediately set out to challenge KTM rider Jason Anderson for fifth. Moments later, Jeremy Martin crashed and Musquin was able to pick up another position. He then carried fourth position through to the finish for his best result so far in the season.

Marvin Musquin: “I am happy with my results today. The 7-4 moto scores for fifth place is my best finish this season. My knee is feeling better each week and I am excited to get closer to a podium spot.” Musquin competes on the KTM 250 SX-F

Next Event: High Point Raceway – Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, June 14, 2014

450 Class overall results Rd. 3
1, Ken Roczen, KTM, 2-1
2, James Stewart, 1-3
3, Ryan Dungey, KTM, 4-2
4, Trey Canard – 3-4
5, Josh Grant – 5-6
6, Brett Metcalfe – 9-5
7, Malcolm Stewart – 7-8
8, Andrew Short, KTM, 6-9
9, Weston Peick – 10-7
10, Jake Weimer – 8-12
Other KTM
13, Fredrik Noren, KTM, 16-14
15, Matt Goerke, KTM, 14-16
19, Evgeny Mikhaylov, KTM, 22-17

450-class overall points After Rd. 3
1, Ken Roczen – 141
2, Ryan Dungey – 129
3, James Stewart – 111

250-class overall results Rd. 3
1, Blake Baggett – 4-1
2, Justin Bogle – 3-2
3, Jeremy Martin – 1-6
4, Jessy Nelson – 2-9
5, Marvin Musquin – 7-4 (KTM)
6, Jason Anderson – 5-5 (KTM)
Other KTM
12, Joey Savatgy – 12-13 (KTM)

250-class points after Rd. 3
1, Jeremy Martin – 140
2, Cooper Webb – 114
3, Christophe Pourcel – 93
4, Blake Baggett – 91
5, Justin Bogle – 90
Other KTM
7, Marvin Musquin – 82
8, Jason Anderson – 81



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