2014 SuperEnduro – Barcelona

2014 SuperEnduro – Barcelona

Red Bull KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak laid the groundwork for yet another SuperEnduro title on Sunday night in Barcelona, when he won all three of the Elite finals to take a comfortable overall victory.
Taddy Blazusiak was joined on the podium by KTM factory teammate Jonny Walker of Britain, who took a strong second place with a 5-2-2 result in the three finals. Walker also won the Super Pole and was consistently the fastest man on the track. Both Blazusiak and Walker rode KTM 4-stroke machines for the Barcelona outing.

“Our riders were in great form tonight. They were very strong and they made no major mistakes. I can say they gave it 100 percent,” said KTM Team Manager Alex Doringer. “Taddy was particularly impressive, especially in the second final where riders have to start in the reverse order. He had already taken the lead after the second corner.”

Ivan Cervantes from the KTM Enduro Factory team also rode with Blazusiak and Walker in front of his Spanish fans in Barcelona and Doringer said his results on the night didn’t really reflect how strongly he had ridden. “The SuperEnduro is not really any more Ivan’s special discipline but he did ride very well tonight.” Cervantes is currently preparing for the 2014 Enduro World Championship.

Also riding well on Sunday was KTM rider Andreas Linusson of Sweden who took both races in the Junior class for victory in the event.

The crowd of more than 10,000 rose to the occasion in the Barcelona stadium and clearly enjoyed seeing the Enduro specialists tackle the daunting range of obstacles at close range. The track was hard pack but in part was very slick after being dampened down by course marshals.

Doringer said that the numbers and enthusiasm of the spectators, and the amount of riders and young riders that SuperEnduro is now attracting has seen it develop into an exciting new racing discipline. “Now we can say this is a real championship”, he said.

Next round: February 22, 2014 – Tours (FRA)

Results SuperEnduro Barcelona (ESP), Round 5 (Prestige Class)

Results Superpole
1. Jonny Walker (GBR), KTM
2. Taddy Blazusiak (POL), KTM
3. Alfredo Gomez (ESP), Husqvarna
4. Mathias Bellino (FRA), Husqvarna
5. Ivan Cervantes (ESP), KTM

Results Final 1
1. Blazusiak, 7:09:598 min
2. Gomez, +1.271 sec
3. David Knight (GBR), Sherco, +3.069
4. Joakim Ljunggren (SWE), Husqvarna, +8.221
5. Walker, +16.680
Other KTM
6. Cervantes, +19.947
8. Kyle Redmond (USA), KTM, +42.068
16. Kevin Rookstool (USA), KTM, +1 lap

Results Final 2
1. Blazusiak, 7:02:049 min
2. Walker, +14.718 sec
3. Knight, +16.485
4. Kornel Nemeth (HUN), Husqvarna, +19.677
5. Ljunggren, +27.088
Other KTM
10. Cervantes, +40.758
15. Redmond, +1 lap
16. Rookstool, +3 laps

Results Final 3
1. Blazusiak
2. Walker
3. Gomez
4. Ljunggren
5. Knight
Other KTM
7. Redmond
9. Cervantes
15. Rookstool

Overall Results
1. Blazusiak, 62 points
2. Walker, 48
3. Gomez, 42
4. Knight, 41
5. Ljunggren, 37
Other KTM
8. Cervantes, 23
10. Redmond, 18

Standings SuperEnduro after 5 of 6 rounds
1. Blazusiak, 279 points
2. Knight, 240
3. Walker, 204
4. Gomez, 188
5. Ljunggren, 163
Other KTM
8. Redmond, 115
10. Rookstool, 77
11. Cervantes, 58

Photos by J.Edmunds


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