2014 Red Bull RedBud National

2014 Red Bull RedBud National

Highlights video, news and photos by Simon Cudby from Round 6 of the US Pro MX Championship.

Red Bull KTM Factory riders made it a day to remember in Rd. 6 of the US Pro MX championship on Saturday at Buchanan Missouri with Ken Roczen sweeping both 450-class motos and teammate Ryan Dungey picking up a podium third. In the 250-class Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin made a great return to the podium picking up second place with KTM rider Jason Anderson joining him on the podium in third.

The factory team action got underway quickly in the opening moto of the 450s when Ryan Dungey got away well and grabbed the holeshot. But a mistake in the first lap saw Trey Canard pass him for the lead. Behind them Dungey’s German teammate Ken Roczen started outside the top ten but quickly moved up through the pack on his KTM 450 SX-F.

Roczen hit the front in the fourth lap and went on to ride a mistake-free race to pick up his fifth moto win of the season. Dungey remained on the rear wheel of Canard the remainder of the race but was unable to make the pass and settled for third.

“The track is really deep and I got sprayed a lot which made it really hard to see,” Dungey said. “I needed to make the pass on Canard quicker like Kenny (Roczen) was able to do but I lost a lot of time not making that pass.”

It was Roczen who pulled the holeshot in the second moto while Dungey was two spots back in third. Roczen was quickly passed by Canard in the second corner and the two riders began a battle for the lead that lasted the first half of the race. They exchanged leads twice and raced bar to bar until Roczen grabbed the lead a second time and made the pass stick. He led for the remainder of the laps to seal the second moto win by an impressive 10 seconds and walk away with the impressive 1-1 overall victory.


“It feels so good to get the win here,” Roczen said after the races. “It’s a great feeling to finish a race and not be tired. It really allows you to have fun out there and that is what I was able to do today.”

Dungey started his second moto in third and was in fourth place at the mid-point of the race. He then moved back into a podium position after Canard crashed and began to pressure Eli Tomac for the runner-up spot. While he didn’t manage to make the pass he rode a consistent race to finish third and pick up a solid third overall. Roczen and Dungey are 1-2 in the points after Rd. 6.

Musquin and Anderson pick up 2-3 in the 250s on their KTM machines
Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin showed both form and the fact that he is now completely healed after his long injury break to pick up a 4-3 result in his two motos to take overall second. It was the French rider’s first podium finish since returning to competition. Fellow KTM rider Anderson had a good day on the Red Bud track to pick up a 3-4 result to seal the podium third.

Musquin was tenth after the start of his opening moto and ten minutes into the race had moved up to sixth place. He was fourth at the halfway point and was hunting down third placed Justin Bogle. The two battled for two laps before Musquin advanced into third but shortly after, managed to get his left leg caught in his rear wheel after colliding with a lapper. He scrambled back into the action ceding only two places and was back in fourth place with two laps to go. He then engaged in a last lap battle with Jason Anderson for the final podium spot but came up just shy of making the pass and had to settle for fourth.

Musquin was eighth out of the gates in his second moto but quickly put his KTM 250-SX-F into podium contention and by the halfway point was already in third place. Although he was heavily pressured throughout the moto, he never waivered and closed out third for a 4-3 result and second overall.

“It’s better late than never,” stated Musquin on the podium. “My first few laps were terrible. I made so many mistakes in the first moto and was lucky to rebound the way I did. The second moto was so intense. The track was tough and my ankle and knee were hurting but it was all worth it. I have been working with Ryan (Dungey) during the week and it’s definitely paying off. Anytime you are on the podium, all of the work you do during the week is worth it.”

Next Event: July 12, 2014 – Mechanicsville, MD – Budds Creek National

Overall Results – 450-class Rd. 6
1, Ken Roczen – 1-1 (KTM)
2, Eli Tomac – 4-2
3, Ryan Dungey – 3-3 (KTM)
4, Trey Canard – 2-4
5, Andrew Short – 5-5 (KTM)
6, Josh Grant – 6-6
7, Chad Reed – 8-7
8, Brett Metcalfe – 7-8
9, Justin Brayton – 10-9
10, Kyle Chisholm – 13-13
Other KTM
14, Matt Goerke – 11-16 (KTM)
17, Ryan Sipes – 23-11 (KTM)
21, Evegeny Mikhaylov – 18-19 (KTM)

Overall Point Standings –
1, Ken Roczen – 280
2, Ryan Dungey – 254
3, Trey Canard – 226

Overall Results – 250-class Rd. 6
1, Jeremy Martin – 1-2
2, Marvin Musquin – 4-3 (KTM)
3, Jason Anderson – 3-4 (KTM)
4, Blake Baggett – 2-7
5, Cooper Webb – 14-1
6, Dean Wilson – 9-5
7, Cole Seely – 8-6
8, Alex Martin – 6-9
9, Justin Bogle – 5-12
10, Justin Hill – 10-8
Other KTM
15, Joey Savatgy – 19-10 (KTM)
18, Dakota Alix – 16-19 (KTM)

Overall Point Standings –
1, Jeremy Martin – 250
2, Cooper Webb – 227
3, Blake Baggett – 222
4, Justin Bogle – 191
5, Marvin Musquin – 181



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