2015 KTM 450 Rally

2015 KTM 450 Rally

The new 2015 KTM 450 rally has also just been unveiled at EICMA and since I snapped a few photos of it before it went down to the show, I am happy to be able share them with you now. This is the new version of the Rally bike which will be available to customers and is literally ready to race a rally. Considerably thinner and lighter than the previous KTM rally bike since it has been built from the ground up around the 450 Engine. Developed and tested by KTM and Kiska together with KTM factory riders Marc Coma, Ruben Faria and the late, great Kurt Caselli, the same bike will be used for KTM’s 2014 Dakar bid. It also comes with the Motocross front fender in a box for the mud and looking even better :)





Sorry about the backdrop to these photos, it’s sooo drab. Will not use it again.





Think you could follow that while riding full gas? Look how close the 2 directions are apart!






  1. Non Udon 9 years ago


  2. dunc 9 years ago

    MINT! These photos have just turned a dreary Manchester day into glorious Dakar sunshine :)

    Love the stylin and the supertrick nav tower – defo makes the old version look slow (even though it wasn’t)

    Thanx for posting the photos (and the rc ones)

  3. Kenny Jubala 9 years ago

    FUCK!! Now I have to decide between this or the Super Duke R.

  4. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Well, you could have 2 superduke R's for the price of this + change, but you would only be able to drive it on a fraction of the planet. This thing, you could drive anywhere :)

  5. Evan Strahan 9 years ago

    are you going to get in to the dakar races?

  6. Ed Gorman 9 years ago

    I want a super duke

  7. Satyen Poojary 9 years ago

    Holy Schmoly! I hope the adventure version of the 390 has those many fuel tanks if nothing else!

  8. Kenny Jubala 9 years ago

    Derestricted Are you serious?? That just took me out of the running. What is the cost gonna be?

  9. Kenny Jubala 9 years ago

    Evan Strahan I wish! I just want that bike!

  10. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Kenny Jubala Apart from the GFX It's identical to the bikes Kurt Caselli and Marc Coma and others will race in the Dakar – The Ultimate Rally Race I think it's around 30 grand. Expensive, but not really when you consider it's basically the best rallly bike on the planet. The best offroad car costs millions so it's actually pretty cheap. :)

  11. Kenny Jubala 9 years ago

    Mike D'Andrea What do you think of this one?

  12. Adán Jiménez 9 years ago

    Quizás este Viernes me pase a verla en EICMA Milan

  13. Ricardo Luz Sota 9 years ago


  14. Srinidhi Aithal 9 years ago

    Holy shit this looks amazing :o
    I'd sell my kidney if they launch something like this here.

  15. No lo dejes pasar.

  16. Q deboche!!!!!!

  17. Scott Johnson 9 years ago

    The bike that Kurt built!! Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap…fap some more. #RIPKC66 #RIDEON66

  18. wiesiek 9 years ago


  19. Josh Kelly 9 years ago

    Oh man!!! That could be my next bike if I can find one!

  20. It,s almost the perfect bike, the unic problem that I guest it,s going a be the price, I am completely sure it won,t be less than 23000 €

  21. Jesús Quilis 9 years ago

    Pues ya sabes. A Plazos , Nachete !

  22. Kenneth Aungst 9 years ago

    Scott, say hi to Ann and Greg from his old 1st sgt Ken Aungst still here in Illesheim.He was a great Cdr and I taught him how to make coffee in the field. KenAungst

  23. Sreekanth Sarma 9 years ago

    Something that should be launched in India!! :-)

  24. Felipe Diaz 9 years ago

    Muy chingona!! pero alguien me puede explicar porque algunas motos del Rally, Tienen el front fender como moto de repartidor de pizza? Que diferencia hay a uno con la altura normal

  25. Bob Richardson 9 years ago

    Awesome bike !

  26. I see that some of your posts are at the golf course. We should do a three or foursome sometime. You interested?

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