2014 Husqvarna TC (Two Cross) Line

2014 Husqvarna TC (Two Cross) Line

For 2014 Husqvarna are bringing out 3 new Two stroke Motocross bikes. A TC85, a TC125 and a TC250 which can be boosted to a rip roaring 300cc engine through some ad-ons from the Husky Power catalogue.

As a million people have pointed out already, these are not completely new bikes. Instead, they are a hybrid of a Husaberg, KTM and a hint of the old styling used during one of the most successful era’s of Husqvarna’s long history, mixed with some new stuff. As is necessary in order to survive in this economic climate they share some components with existing bikes but they also provide some new options. The car companies have been doing this for years, and with the relatively low volumes that are seen nowadays in the offroad market, the same tactic is necessary to try to benefit from the economies of scale required to make good quality affordable bikes.

There was a need for Husqvarna to bring out some new products to help the struggling dealers who have had serious trouble selling the existing Husqvarnas, but there was also not enough time to develop a completely new bike since the company changed hands. Since Husaberg and Husqvarna have now merged back together again for the first time since they split in 1988 the bikes actually make a lot of sense. You can rest assured that a completely new bike is on it’s way, but for now, if you are after a 2 (or 4) stroke MX or enduro bike then you have some tasty new options available to you, and I for one can’t see that as much to complain about :)


Engine performance, tuned for tractability, guarantees exceptional power delivery
Cutting-edge chassis technology results in light weight and supreme agility
Maximum performance and enjoyment with 2-stroke affordability
Light and precision-engineered gearbox mated to a hydraulic clutch for smooth and confident starts and gear selection
Performance upgrade → 300cc “Husky Power” kit available

The powerful yet tractable TC 250 engine features an exhaust power valve to boost power and torque throughout the entire rev range. The Boyesen reed valve guarantees excellent response and durability. A precise 5-speed gearbox transfers all the TC 250’s power to the ground. The engine characteristics can be further tailored to rider preference by varying the spring stiffness in the exhaust valve. Performance upgrade to 300cc is possible with the kit available in the “Husky Power” range of special parts.


The cylinder head has been designed for throttle response and torque and is perfectly mated to the power valve for optimal power delivery in all circumstances.


The ignition can be modified according to track layout and rider preference. The CDI unit features two ignition curves that can be switched by changing the plug connection or via the standard Husky Power map select switch.


An innovative DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch system is fitted to the TC 250 so as to achieve smooth action and easy control. The exclusive characteristics of this system include a diaphragm spring instead of coil springs, an integrated damping system for better traction and durability, and a strong inner hub for increased stability. Riders of all levels will appreciate the precise Brembo hydraulic system for its perfect clutch modulation.


A lightweight 5-speed gearbox is fitted to take full advantage of the extreme power of the 250cc engine.
















Brilliant photos as usual from Sebas Romero.

A few of the 4 stroke MX bikes in action:






  1. Joachim Sauer 9 years ago

    great stuff from Sweden, I like it

  2. Rainer Diabl 9 years ago

    The design is a masterpiece!

  3. Sakkie Maartens 9 years ago

    Good looking bikes.

  4. Cam Mead 9 years ago

    love the fresh new styling, plastics & graphics, i would definitely say yes to one of these on looks alone. soo much nicer than the old red electric guitar styling

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago


  5. Anonymous 9 years ago

    El rápido y buen trabajo de KTM es perfecto, solo siento pena por las ideas perdidas en la vieja fabrica. Bienvenida nueva H

  6. Kadut Msr 9 years ago


  7. Dwight Rudder 9 years ago

    Will the 125s have a big bore kit available ? Currently we have a 144cc kit and a 165cc kit.

  8. Adam Hey 9 years ago

    it's bascially a Husaberg with different stickers. not even different plastics…

  9. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Adam Hey Did you read what I wrote?

  10. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Dwight Rudder I would imagine you could stick on a KTM 150 Kit :)

  11. Paulo Resendes 9 years ago

    Grand machine

  12. LH 9 years ago

    Could you upload some wallpaper sized pics?

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      Maybe of the best ones. Which ones do you want?

      • LH 9 years ago

        Number 3 and 4, with the 250 leaned up against the fence are my personal favourites. Would be awesome as a wallpaper.

  13. Xavier Vanlangenberg 5 years ago

    omg these are actually the best photos ever please do some more !! ✊️

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