2014 Hawkstone International MX

2014 Hawkstone International MX

I remember racing on this track many, many years ago on my beat up RM125! I dont know if it’s like that now, but there were some gnarly jumps to flat landing back then. Fun track though:

Red Bull KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings made a triumphant return to competition this weekend after a month-long injury break with winning rides at the Hawkstone International MX meeting in the UK.

Jeffrey, the dominant MX2 rider in the 2013 World Championship signaled the opposition that he was back in form and ready to race by taking victory in both MX2 races and the Superfinal.

Speaking after the race, the Dutch rider said it was great to be back and riding on a sandy track, similar to those at home in the Netherlands.

Jeffrey Herlings: “I have been off for six months so I am very happy to be back. The track was pretty gnarly but it was really fun and I had a great times. I liked the track because it’s a lot like riding at home in Holland and this win gives me confidence for the first GP next weekend. I am really looking forward to going to race in Qatar.”

Herlings travels to Qatar on Wednesday to prepare for the race at the Loisal circuit, the first of two fly away races that start the season.

British rider Shaun Simpson, who returns to ride a KTM for Team HM Plant KTM in 2014, won the MX1 overall competition.

1st moto MX2:
1, Jeffrey Herlings, NED, KTM
2, Petar Petrov, Yamaha
3, Lars van Berkel, NED, Honda
4, Ben Watson, KTM
5, Steven Lenoir, Husqvarna

Second moto MX2:
1, Herlings (with lap times of 6 seconds faster than any other rider)
2, Mel Pocock, GBR, KTM
3, Martin Barr, KTM

Overall MX2
1, Herlings
2, Petrov
3, van Berkel

Overall MX1
1, Shaun Simpson GBR KTM
2, Mattis Karro
3, Jens Getteman, Honda (MX1)

1, Herlings
2, Karro (MX1)
3, van Berkel
4, Barr
5, Getteman (MX1)

Photos by Ray Archer.


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