2014 AMA Motocross RD 11 – Indiana

2014 AMA Motocross RD 11 – Indiana

Highlights video, full 450 Moto’s, race report and Cudby photos from a muddy Round 11 of the AMA Motocross season!

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ken Roczen moved another step closer to the US Pro MX championship title on Saturday when he won the mud soaked round at Crawfordsville Indiana.

Ryan Dungey, KTM factory teammate and rival for the title picked up overall third at the Ironman race course, the penultimate stop of the 450 MX Championship. Roczen’s win extended his lead over second placed Dungey with just one round to go. Both Roczen and Dungey, official Red Bull athletes ride the KTM 450 SX-F factory machine.

Four of the first five riders in the 450 class rode the ‘Made in Austria’ KTM machines, a result that was further underlined by a 1-2 in the 250 class by Red Bull KTM factory rider Marvin Musquin of France and KTM rider Joey Savatgy. Musquin and Savatgy are ridiing the KTM 250 SX-F.


450-class Action
The scene was already set in the morning practice sessions when heavy rain fell on the Ironman course, Roczen managed the third fastest while Dungey was twelfth fastest in difficult conditions.

Recognizing that getting away cleanly was the key in these conditions, Roczen selected a solid gate and pulled a large holeshot the first moto. Dungey had a decent jump but was pushed off the track and re-entered in fifteenth position. Dungey moved into ninth place by the end of the opening lap and continued to pick off riders and by lap three he was up to third but some 15 seconds behind Trey Canard. He caught Canard a few laps later and began to hunt down Roczen.

The German rider knew he needed to take a win at this race to strengthen his lead and he rode hard to maintain the gap between him and his American teammate. He finished the race with a 17-second advantage over Dungey.


“It feels great to get a win here,” stated Roczen on the podium. “I thought this track looked really good when it was dry but it was also a lot of fun wet. This might be my new favorite.”

In the second moto Roczen again got away well and was in second behind Canard while Dungey found himself back at seventeenth after the first few corners. As the race progressed Dungey had to discard his goggles because visibility in the muddy conditions was so difficult. He did manage to climb back to ninth by the end of the moto. Roczen went on to pick up a 1-2 on the day to take the overall while Dungey wrapped up his day with a 2-9 for overall third.

“I’m really happy to gain some points toward the championship today,” said Roczen. “I haven’t lost the red plate since the second race of the series and I don’t plan on losing it now.” It is the German teenager’s rookie season in the premiere class.

250-class Action
Despite getting stuck in a large mud hole in the morning practice session, Musquin went into the first mud race of the season with a positive attitude, saying: “The mud definitely makes the course challenging but it is very exciting too.”

Musquin pulled a decent start from fifteenth place in his opening 250-class moto and was fourth around the first corner. He moved into third a lap later when the rider in front went down in the mud and held onto that position right to the drop of the flag.


“It was really slick the first moto and the lappers definitely made it challenging,” stated Musquin. “I am happy to finish with a podium result and hope the rain holds off for the second moto.”

Musquin got his wish. He second moto was slightly less wet and he got away in the top five at the start. He gained a position early on and then made a pass on Christophe Pourcel to move up to third. Soon Musquin, Pourcel and second placed Rockstar KTM ride of Joey Savatgy began to pressure Jessy Nelson for the lead. They each eventually moved around Nelson while maintaining a tight battle for the overall win. Musquin finally made his move on Savatgy with just two laps to go only to see Pourcel continue to apply pressure. He challenged Musquin hard throughout the final lap and the two French riders were within a bike length of each other when Musquin crossed the finish line to take the win.

Musquin’s 3-1 finishes earned him the overall for the day and a place in the record books as the first 250 MX rider to win at the first-ever Ironman Motocross National.

Next Event: Miller Motorsports Park – Tooele, UT – August 23, 2014 (Final Round)

US Pro MX Indiana
Penultimate round (11)

Overall Results 450 Class –

1, Ken Roczen – 1-2 (KTM)
2, Trey Canard – 3-1
3, Ryan Dungey – 2-9 (KTM)
4, Ryan Sipes – 10-3 (KTM)
5, Andrew Short – 8-4 (KTM)
6, Chad Reed – 7-6
7, Eli Tomac – 4-10
8, Josh Grant – 12-5
9, Fredrik Noren – 9-8
10, Matt Goerke – 6-11 (KTM)
11, Weston Peick – 11-7
12. Brett Metcalfe – 5-13
13, Ben Lamay – 13-12
14, Kellian Rusk – 15-14
15, Shane Sewell – 16-16 (KTM)
16, Heath Harrison – 14-20
17, Chris Proscelle – 24-15
18, Ronnie Stewart – 18-19
19, Todd Krieg – 28-17 (KTM)
20, Tucker Saye – 20-18

Overall Point Standings after Rd. 11

1. Ken Roczen – 494
2. Ryan Dungey – 474
3. Trey Canard – 418

Overall Results 250 class

1. Marvin Musquin – 3-1 (KTM)
2. Joey Savatgy – 4-3 (KTM)
3. Jessy Nelson – 1-8
4. Christophe Pourcel – 9-2
5. Cooper Webb – 6-5
6. Dean Wilson – 8-6
7. Alex Martin – 7-7
8. Jeremy Martin – 2-15
9. Jason Anderson – 5-10 (KTM)
10. Blake Baggett – 14-4
11. Justin Bogle – 12-9
12. Cole Seely – 10-13
13. Shane McElrath – 15-11
14. Chris Alldredge – 16-12
15. Nick Gaines – 11-30
16. Cole Martinez – 13-31
17. Zach Bell – 27-14
18. Mike Stender – 17-19
19. Jace Own – 16-5
20. Kody Kamm – 23-17

Overall Point Standings 250–class

1. Jeremy Martin – 450
2. Blake Baggett – 381
3. Cooper Webb – 379
4. Marvin Musquin – 374
5. Christophe Pourcel – 355

Next Event: Miller Motorsports Park – Tooele, UT – August 23, 2014



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