Trick looking 450 SMR from Johannes Stehrer with a modified version of the Factory race team Graphic.


  1. Skully 10 years ago

    retrofitted with a carb I see. curious to see how that works with the new motor.

  2. Curtis 10 years ago

    What Chain Guide is that. I haven’t seen it yet, where can you buy it? Does it completely eliminate the Tire/Wheel Chain slap with a 5″ rear?

  3. Mohd Zulfadli 9 years ago

    Does it come with a new gear ratio setup?
    Mohd Azlan really thinks this new SMR are dope

  4. Mixalis Terzidis Azhar 9 years ago

    very nice super moto!!!

  5. Rolly Delmundo 9 years ago

    where can I buy this kind of supermoto? super!!!

  6. Alex 8 years ago

    Derestricted, are you sure this is a 450 SMR? Because it seems to be a 450 EXC

  7. Piers Sp 8 years ago

    Ask your local KTM shop, but they are very limited in numbers.

  8. Alex 8 years ago

    Wait so which model is this exactly? And how much to modify?

  9. Antoine Lechevin 5 years ago

    quel pot échappement ?

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