2013 KTM SX’s @ EICMA

2013 KTM SX’s @ EICMA

Seems like Cairoli has a lot of 350 SX-f’s as they were all over the place at the show! Some real, some obviously replicas. Dungey’s MXDN 450 SX-F was also there as was Herlings MX2 championship winning 250 SX-f. Seeing the KTM’s next to the other manufacturers factory bikes it is quite interesting to see how stock they look. They have a lot of powerparts and a few extras, but some of the other bikes have no resemblance to the bikes you can buy at all. I will make another post with the other MX bikes at the show soon and you will see what I mean.


  1. Ralph 10 years ago

    Yeah KTM, Race on Sunday… Sell on Monday! #winning

    Ride what the factory-riders race to the podia. #stock

    Titanium canisters above Carbon ones!

    Still amazes me that KTM uses ‘our’ Dutch WhitePower forks.

    Up Holland!

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Just wish I could get hold of some of that factory racing suspension!

      • Arno Broekman 10 years ago

        No, problem what do you want fork,shock or compleet.



        • Author
          admin 10 years ago

          Whatever is possible for my 2012 150SX! Guess its way out of my price range but I bet it would make the bike a dream to ride. DO you work in Mattighofen?

  2. Arno Broekman 10 years ago

    a total set used is +/- 6000,- only the fork +/- 3750,- or shock +/- 2750,- Euro.
    No I am from Holland,

  3. Joao Pedro Brito 10 years ago


  4. Joao Pedro Brito 10 years ago


  5. coucou dede et oui bientôt elle arrive

  6. baguette 9 years ago

    coucou dede et oui elle arrive hihihi

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