2013 KTM EXC’s @ EICMA 2012

2013 KTM EXC’s @ EICMA 2012

Not really sure why KTM didnt have any 2013 six days bikes at the show as they are by far the trickest EXC’s. I did hear a rumor that they were sold out of them which might be one reason but they still had 2 really nice bikes on show. A 2013 model with basically the full powerparts catalog on it, and Meo’s championship winning bike, both of which are below. Since having such a brilliant time riding enduro in Ibiza this summer with Klaus Kinigadner it has certainly crossed my mind to eventually get an EXC sometime in the future rather than an SX. Plus I could get some supermoto wheels for it :)


  1. security gates 10 years ago

    What a sexy bike! just loved it! its my dream bike!

  2. Maximilian Hoffmann 10 years ago


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