2013 KTM 1190 Adventure R photoshoot

2013 KTM 1190 Adventure R photoshoot

Loads of photos from adventures in Morocco with the new 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure R’s. All photos by Rudi Schedl / Kiska.

The bike has 150 hp with a weight of only 230 kg fully tanked.


  1. Ralph B. 10 years ago

    Nice stills!

    Just you and the terrain…

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      You, your bike and the terrain!

  2. Jan Palek 10 years ago

    I am KTM adventure rider, this is not KTM adventure…………………..

  3. Jan Palek 10 years ago

    talking about the bike, too complicated a bit too much, …the pics are awesome, sorry for not being clear

    • dirtridder 7 years ago

      let us be clear= Go Away Kid & quit pissing with ur daddys computer.
      There are grown-ups trying to talk! GO TO BED Jr.!

  4. Santi Prihartini 10 years ago

    fotonya keren abiz.

  5. Paul Hens 10 years ago

    been there, unfortunately not with those bikes…

  6. David Aboucaya 10 years ago


    • Jane Silver de Molina 10 years ago

      Going to let rip in the holidays?

  7. Keith Nolan 10 years ago


  8. Nico Buzzi 10 years ago

    splendide immagini…

  9. Fabian Dep's 10 years ago

    What are those tire? I'm searching for new one like these for my adventure 1190 R too!

  10. Derestricted 10 years ago

    Not sure man, sorry. They are a lot more offroad focused that the stock ones though.

  11. Sam Farah 10 years ago

    They are going to be by the looks Michelin deserts, but they have probably done something to the air pressure sensor as the rear is tubeless and these are tubed!

  12. Claudio De Masi 9 years ago

    Immagini straordinarie di una terra meravigliosa, entusiasmante "luna park" di una moto bella ed esuberante. Ktm 1190 adventure r, dopo di lei…il nulla!

  13. Brian Whipple 9 years ago

    Fabulous photos

  14. Anonymous 9 years ago

    I Love your KTM 1190 adventurer. I plan to get one here in NV. Ghosty

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