1290 KTM Super Duke R – Patriot edition

1290 KTM Super Duke R – Patriot edition

After the dealer meeting there are photos all over the web already, but I got approval to post a few more of the Kiska designed Patriot Superduke. Not too high res for now though.  I didn’t do the GFX on this one :)







This week KTM are entertaining several hundred U.S. dealers for a factory visit in Austria. At the end of the event a special preview version of the upcoming 1290 KTM Super Duke R was shown in ravishing Stars’nStripes paintwork at the final dinner in Salzburg.

The official presentation of the completed KTM 1290 Super Duke R will take place at the EICMA show in Milan. Just before in Spain – during the autumn – international press will be given the opportunity to testride ‘the beast’ on the road as well as a track. The Super Duke R 1290 R will already be in KTM dealers by December.


  1. Ben 10 years ago

    LOVE the new Superduke but that Patriot design is terrible! I think it somehow dates the bike?! Each to their own.
    Like how you pointed out that you didn’t do the GFX P!

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago


  2. Khai Rahman 10 years ago

    damn! what a hottie!

  3. Claudius Eckhardt 10 years ago

    "Patriots" should buy/drive Harley or Confederate, shouldn't they?

    • Superduke.net 10 years ago

      Yes probably, but they might want something that is engineered by somebody other than agricultural machinery guys !

    • Clément Bml Roy 10 years ago

      Harley: From 8000$ to 40000$ and 50hp at max…
      Confederate: From 22000$ to *irathernottell* for for a bike less powerfull…
      KTM Superduke: between 10000$ and 14000$ and a deco that make you feel patriotic and a more powerfull bike than any other you mentioned before!

    • Derestricted 10 years ago

      I think it could be argued fairly convincingly that due to the massive amount of money KTM spend on their racing efforts in the states across MX, SX, enduro, SBK and elsewhere, that it would in fact be Patriotic to support KTM, since they invest so much money and hire so many people in America and the money from sales goes to support this effort. Nonetheless, this (as far as I am aware) one off bike was primarily built as a show of support for the US dealers when they came to visit Mattighofen, which Is why they named it this I guess.

  4. John McKown 10 years ago

    I want.

  5. Piet Poesie 10 years ago


  6. Michael Scherf 10 years ago

    Fugly Exhaust and paintjob.

  7. Jo Buvé 10 years ago


  8. Phil Derbyshire 10 years ago

    prefer ths orange and original exh cant wait to see one hope it will be at the necin england.

  9. Tom Prantner 10 years ago

    Real patriots ride the orange one! greetz from Austria – no kangaroos, just cows!
    hopefully this is not the final version of the headlight…

  10. Jack Swatman 10 years ago

    Its not an american bike, why to americans feel the need to adorn everything with their 'murica status? I much rather see one in red and white (austrian colours).

    • Leo Hirschocker 10 years ago

      The Austrians don't feel the need to fly their flag everywhere, that the Anglos made sure of….

  11. Τρομερό εργαλείο,χαράς σε αυτούς που θα το καβαλήσουν…….σε πίστα!

  12. KTM UK 10 years ago

    Hi Phil,
    It'll be there, we guarantee it!
    KTM UK Facebook Team

  13. KTM UK 10 years ago

    Hi Phil,
    It'll be there, we guarantee it!
    KTM UK Facebook Team

  14. Nathan Winget 10 years ago

    Not too bright are you? "Americans" didn't adorn that bike with the flag, he clearly stated it was Kisak Designs that put it together you ignorant twit. Maybe you cant read? Take your inferiority complex and shove it.

  15. Aswin Kalarikkal 10 years ago

    When can we expect this beast to escape to India?

    • ptsp 10 years ago

      No idea sorry!

  16. Naveen Reddy 10 years ago

    Aswin Kalarikkal my bro ordered for a KTM 390 .

  17. duBe 10 years ago

    I really LOVED the “prototype” bike & these pre-production teaser models appear to be “close but no cigar” versions of the prototype.
    No offence KTM, but these two pictured models (of which the orange one is by FAR the better) look like “cheap pretenders” rather than “real street fighters”.
    There’s too much rake & space on the front-end that leaves me with a sense of a “lazy”, “slow”, “cheap”, “knock-off” kind of bike, rather than what the intended audience segment would want from this kind of bike.
    But that’s just my uneducated (around 30 years as a motorcycle mechanic) opinion of styling.
    I would seriously (and I mean SERIOUSLY) part with upwards of $30K for a REAL STREET FIGHTER SUPER-BIKE that was a true representation of the prototype model.
    I would NOT EVEN ENTERTAIN parting with $8K for these pre-production models.
    But as I said, that’s just my personal slant; GREAT concept, suspect production implementation.

  18. duBe 10 years ago

    I meant to say the orange one was the prototype that I expected more of in the blue pre-production one, my apologies for being so idiotic.

  19. when ru going to rele`s

  20. Vaggelis Vrd 8 years ago

    that is all

  21. sevan bardolia 7 years ago

    I love KTM bikes but superduke is my favourite bike 1290 cc & 200 mph is best speeeed in other bikes speed is slow 0.2 second 100 kmph KTM superduke best features is speedometer & stunt bike

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