12 step recipe for an eBike race weekend!

12 step recipe for an eBike race weekend!

Little edit from a super fun race weekend in Wales a few weeks ago!

“You’ve been riding with friends, you’re feeling pretty rad, but you start to wonder who is faster? Are you really as good as you think?
eBike racing should be easy right? After all you do have a motor!

We assembled a motley crew including a freerider, a Knight, a downhiller and a retired Hard Enduro rider to attend the last race event of the Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Series in Cwmcarn.
The outcome is our “12 step recipe for an ebike race weekend”

If your haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely go for it. Great trails, lots of banter and laughs, and you can finally settle the question of which of your mates is fastest.”

“Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.” ― Steve McQueen.

Production: Haibike Design Center Munich GmbH (HDCM)
Filming/DOP: Luke Phillips – LSP MEDIA

Sam Pilgrim
Lewi Pilgrim
David Knight
Andy Noakley
Joe Mallinson
Piers Spencer-Phillips


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