Zaeta 530 Flat Tracker Dirt Track Bike

Zaeta 530 Flat Tracker Dirt Track Bike

The Zaeta 530 is Graziano Rossi’s (Valentino’s dad) take on the perfect bike for bar hopping and flat track racing. This is the production version of the Ouroboros Zaeta prototype we saw last summer, “Ouroboros” seems to have been dropped from its name. The Zaeta’s looks will be left up to the customer, who can spec any color for the paint, chassis and other components, as well as the style of the seat unit, but the mechanical components are set in stone. An Italian-made 530cc single-cylinder engine fills up the steel cradle frame and is held up by relatively weedy suspension components. They’re all that’s necessary as the whole thing weighs just 115kg/253lbs (wet). Graziano and his business partner’s are serious about the Zaeta’s oval track credentials, included in the €13,500 price tag are two private racing lessons with a champion tracker.
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