X Games 17: Travis Pastrana 720 attempts

X Games 17: Travis Pastrana 720 attempts

I have photo sequences from about 10 years ago when I was at Alpinestars of Travis doing this trick into a foam pit, on a minibike and on a 125. He was coming around ok on the minibike but not quite completing the rotation on the 125. Shows how hard the trick is though if he is still crashing doing it 10 years after first trying it. At X-Games, His first attempt came up short and he crashed but quickly hopped to his feet. Without waiting for his second run, he went straight into another attempt. It was a better looking start to the trick but a much worse result. He did not complete the final rotation and came down hard on his right side, which ESPN reported resulted in a broken foot and ankle.

A look at Travis Pastrana’s 720 attempt and subsequent crash from a personal perspective.


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