Just wanted to share some shots I took at the WRC in Finland, have the feeling that Derestricted needed some motorized stuff and not only bicycles… The rally was quite cool, pain in the ass to get from stage to stage as a spectator though, but when these guys comes 160+ on tiny gravel roads just meters away from you it’s kinda worth it.

The finnish way of having a party…


  1. ptsp 10 years ago

    Daaaaaaam man, badass photos! Derestricted needed some more of your amazing photos for sure. looks so cool.

  2. mp 10 years ago

    Cheers, might post a few more, but these are the best ones anyway. The nose-dive-landing from Solberg in the Subaru is kinda cool, these cars can really take a beating, amazing!

  3. yann 10 years ago

    I see the hook ups going at full speed…ahahahahah

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