Wagrain Bike park full runs

Wagrain Bike park full runs

So we filmed 5 runs on the weekend at Wagrain, 2 with the helmet camera pointing forward and 2 pointing back, and I did a few other shots with the 550d. We filmed top to bottom without stopping so the vid is quite long (and boring if you are not into biking I guess). Its also a little small on this page and looks obviously much better fullscreen and in HD on the vimeo site here. I think we didnt have the helmet angle quite right, but its tricky since there is no playback screen on the GoPro. Benny is in black with purple bars, me in white tee and helmet.


  1. Craig 8 years ago

    wait.. so you guys ride with the same bikes as each other or what?! Is this some kind of team? ;)

    Nice vid tho boys.. was sorry not to be there..

  2. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Yea, if you stop faking being ill, you can join too!

  3. L... 8 years ago

    Brov are the first shots with the 550d? What shutter speed you using? They look really poor compared to the Go pro footage so somethings not right…

    Some cool footage in the helmet cam but that 4 way thing is just way too hectic to watch…:)

  4. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    yea, i know, not the best vid i made for sure. The whole thing looks better on the vimeo site in HD though.

    I didnt adjust the shutter speed for the video but after playing with it now I see a huge difference when you change the shutter speed, I really should have done, think I used about 400 on that vid. At least I know how to make it better for next time! I also used the 35mm prime and think the standard lens with image stabilisation would have been better for this.

  5. L... 8 years ago

    For the video its good to use a multiple of the framerate the end product is in (either 25fps for europe or 30 fps for web) I have found this makes a huge difference. The 7d f stop academy video is really useful, think its still on torrents somewhere.

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