Vincent’s KTM 690 Duke

Vincent’s KTM 690 Duke

Thanks for the photo Vincent. Possibly the wildest street sticker kit I/We ever made. First time I saw it with the 690 airbox and tail covered, didn’t even know they were in the kit in the end! Happy they are though. New school. :)


  1. zacher 6 years ago


  2. Lorenzo 6 years ago

    How did he make that short plate holder??

    Cheers from Italy!!!

  3. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @Lorenzo, no idea man! Looks handmade though.

  4. Servais jean luc 6 years ago

    bonjour Vincent,
    J’aurai voulu connaitre le modèle et ou tu t’es procurer le porte plaque que tu as placer sur ta moto
    Ps: elle est magnifique


  5. eric 5 years ago

    simpa la moto en plus ces une plauqe belge ;-)

  6. Bernhard Gander 4 years ago

    genau das richtige Eisen für hier mitten in den Bergen!!!

  7. holder that is?

  8. Zimmieman 4 years ago

    Hi Guys, I found out what licence plate holder that is. It’s the Evotech tail tidy kit. You can fit the original blinkers, but the rear brake light will be replaced by the one on the kit.
    Available here


  9. Zimmieman 4 years ago

    I posted before that I thought it was a plateholder from -insert company here- with a link to a page but it got moderated. Turns out I was wrong, I found a video of this bike from the owner in which he gives the bike a tour. The plateholder is a modified powerparts plate holder!
    I’m not gonna type the full link to the video but go to youtube and add /watch?v=Xbq9DkalRCg to the end of the URL. The guys channel is called V. Carijn, you’ll find it there.


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