Kevin Windham – The Jump

Kevin Windham – The Jump

One of the many reasons this guy is a legend.

“Just as media day is wrapping up, Kevin Windham maps out a 110 feet double for his famous opening ceremonies jump. We were lucky enough to have the camera rolling for everything that took place. After multiple runs at the jump, he hucked it. The time preceding up to it had everyone holding their breath with fingers crossed, as it has to be one of the sketchiest slash biggest jump for opening ceremonies KDub has done.”


  1. ian 6 years ago

    maaaaan that was sick, how can anyone not love KDub, ultimate niceguy/badass combo… jump was insane in the daylight with 10 dudes watching, just imagine packed house, lights down and a spotlight in your face.. yikes

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      yea, you know it man

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