Friends – Canon 7d

Friends – Canon 7d

by Kyle Cowling
If you’re not having fun doing what you love, then your love has turned into a job. That’s why it is important to have fun and remember why you’re doing what you are doing: because you love it. For many, it would be a dream job getting to ride your dirt bike for a living, but the demands of sponsors, teams, fans, etc can often make riding a dirt bike feel like a real job for many of the top athletes in our sport. However, for Sean Borkenhagen, Scott Champion, Vicki Golden, and Broc Tickle, it is often refreshing to spend a Saturday afternoon at a private Supercross track, throwing whips and doing some goon riding with good friends. Keeping things fun and light as the season approaches is a solid mindset to finding success once the gate drops. And, on this particular Saturday, having a good time with friends is exactly what the day was about.


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