Eyjafjallajokull vid

Eyjafjallajokull vid

Eyjafjallajokull at the crater 4 days ago. Mesmerizing..

Apparently the ash is now safe for planes to fly through and although they were wrong about it being dangerous before, this time they are right about it being safe:

The new “Time Limited Zone” will be put in place over UK and Irish airspace from midday on Tuesday, allowing airlines to fly through areas of medium ash density that were previously off limits, it said in a statement.

How’s this for a contradiction in the same article too:

The volcano, under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland, has been erupting for weeks and shows no sign of weakening.

and a few lines below:

British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh said “The rate of ash eruption and the height that it reaches have both decreased over time, though now and then they temporarily re-intensify”.


It’s dangerous, it’s not dangerous, it’s weakening, it’s not weakening. Talk about a mixed message. Me thinks the consequences of not flying are seen as more dangerous (economically) than the volcano and the possibility of a plane going down.


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