Trip to Savoie, France

Trip to Savoie, France

Did a 4 day mission down to France for some friends wedding, Via Lake Garda in Italy. We took 2 days each way to drive there and back as it was a bit far for our little kid to do in one trip (10 hours each way with baby stops and traffic). Almost 2000km round trip from Salzburg, but was well worth it. More photos later.

Jule looking great before the wedding.

I cut my hair and feel about 10 years younger.

Henry got his first sunglasses. Thanks Leo.

Some nice rides along the way.

Went over the Petite St. Bernard pass by Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc in the distance. I stood on top of there 17 years ago.

Savoie valley is stunning. Thats Les Arcs opposite, val D’Isere up to the left.

Lunch at lake Garda on the way back

Got to start ’em early.

And some shots for my mum out in California. Hi Grandma!

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  1. Ma 8 years ago

    Grandma says thanks for the piccies….and thanks for removing said object from la boca!! You do look ten years younger Piers! Cant wait for xmas…

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