An easy three hour drive from Salzburg gets you to the Historic city of Vienna, once the center of the Austro-Hungarian empire. vienna.jpg

It is also vibrant today with a progressive music and art scene. vienna2.jpg

We went to a club with DJ Vadim on the decks.

I went with my mum and rented these bikes you just pick up and drop at loads of spots around the city.

There was a huge marathon on.
It took us over half an hour to get across here and we had to run across dodging the runners. Was funny. streetcrossing.jpg

PJ Minus hair, Plus a beard.


  1. clara 10 years ago

    I love your hoody

  2. yann 10 years ago

    ask P to grow a mawhawk to look like a light version of Mister T.

  3. blowmind 10 years ago

    pj!!! YOU LOOOK REAL GOOD! Well done with that look!

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