Costa Rica trip 1: Salzburg, Austria to Mal Pais, Costa Rica

Costa Rica trip 1: Salzburg, Austria to Mal Pais, Costa Rica

The pounding rain on the German Autobahn reduced our speed from the normal 160kmh+ to an annoyingly slow 100, so the journey to Munich took much longer than usual and we only just managed to catch our first flight.

A couple of days, 4 countries, 2 flights, layovers, taxis, buses and a ferry later and we were bumping down the potholed road of the Nicoya peninsula in our tiny 4×4 rental car. As the tarmac changed into gravel and then dirt, with the occasional knee high river to drive through, the road started to deteriorate rapidly and our speed was reduced to no more than a crawl.

Santa Teresa, a remote surfing town on the pacific coast of Costa Rica, was the first proper destination of our trip, and despite the jarring bumps and stifling heat, as we got progressively closer, time began stripping off all layers of urgency; I was starting to enjoy myself.




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  1. clara 8 years ago

    That swimming pool looks suuuublime!xXx love your accounts pooper they are great

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