Ronnie Renner Charges On New KTM Electric Motorcycle In Austria

Renner riding my local track last summer as well as the little Freeride track in Mattighofen.

Pro FMX Rider Ronnie Renner pays a visit to KTM’s headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria to test the new prototype “Freeride E” electric motorcycle. With the flip of a switch Ronnie and rider/filmer Steve Haughelstine quietly destroy KTM’s track—is this the future of freeride bikes? Ronnie pushes the Freeride E even further at the famous X Bowl Arena motocross track. See how it performs in some serious conditions.


  1. Paul McFarland 3 years ago

    Yeah! No more dirty air filters or oil changes… and you can't call the cops on what you can't hear!

  2. Supermoto Central 3 years ago

    Dammit I want one! With Sumo wheels ofcourse :D Nice track too!

  3. Michael Zajc 3 years ago

    :D really like what he says at the and of that thing…

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