Riding a Honda C90 motorcycle through the Arctic Circle in Winter

“This is a music video that I put together using the footage from my motorcycle ride through the Arctic Circle in February 2013.
I was alone with only my trusty c90, a camera and camping equipment. The coldest temperature I recorded was -23oC inside my tent.
Visit my website: c90adventures.co.uk for more videos and info on this and my other trips me and little c90 have done together.
I also sell t-shirts through dirtpunk.co.uk who sponsored me my Arctic sleeping bag and as such are the reason I’m still alive :)
The roll mat I used what sponsored by Stace Martin and supplied by traveldriplus.com. The mat was an Exped 9 LW.
My Arctic suit was sponsored by Chris Neil and was a Refridgiwear freezer suit.
Thanks to you guys and everyone else who kept me alive :)”

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  1. James Savage 3 years ago

    SO good! That man is living it right there…

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