Nippon-style motoring, part 3

Nippon-style motoring, part 3


 kopia-av-dsc_0176.JPG     copybike_012.JPG     copybike_026.JPG     copybike_028.JPG     kopia-av-dsc_0195.JPG

 kopia-av-dsc_0179.JPG     copybike_043.JPG     copybike_040.JPG     copybike_036.JPG     copybike_033.JPG

 copybike_029.JPG     copybike_011.JPG     copybike006.JPG     bike_03copy5.JPG     copybike_042.JPG


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    admin 10 years ago

    Brilliant man, they just keep getting better! You coming to slz tonight?

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