Nippon-style motoring, part 1

Nippon-style motoring, part 1


dsc_0014.JPG  bike001.jpg  bike_017a.jpg  bike_027.JPG  bike_045.JPG

bike_047.JPG  bike_037.JPG  bike_034.JPG  bike_049.JPG  bike_0013.JPG

bike009.jpg  bike007.JPG  bike_030.JPG  bike_020.JPG  bike_048.JPG




  1. Author
    admin 10 years ago

    Really cool pics man. I guess they dont have any laws against tuning their bikes!

  2. yann 10 years ago

    a lot of creativity with their rides…a mix of tuning and street fashion; it’s all about style just as if it was the only way to exist.
    when I see this I feel it is in contradiction with the corporatism they export to us…but I guess it’s the point!!!
    I won’t hide the japanese makes were the most boring at the Milan show…so maybe they should hire some of those young people to get some soul…food for thought.

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