Grosglockner-hochalpenstrasse, raining.

Grosglockner-hochalpenstrasse, raining.

ok, well that didn’t go quite as planned. It was hot and sunny in Salzburg and I had a great drive all the way to the bottom of Grosglockner-hochalpenstrasse, where I paid the 19 euros access fee. 5 minutes later heading up the mountain and into the clouds, the road started becoming wetter and wetter before eventually I found myself in a full on downpour slipping all over the place, surrounded by snow with freezing hands and visibility reduced to no more than a few meters at best. Bollox! Felt like I was driving through wet slippery cotton wool. I gave up after about 30 minutes, turned around and headed back down. The road was amazing for sure, you just need to hit it at the right time. Will be heading back again soon.

Couple of nice bikes in a shop I passed on the way back.


  1. motoguru 6 years ago

    looks incredible!

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    yea man, it’s an amazing place for sure. on a sunny day, without a wet road, with no clouds and the massive mountain peaks showing i guess it would be hard to beat.

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