Costa Rica Trip 3: Puntarenas to Dominical

Costa Rica Trip 3: Puntarenas to Dominical

Twenty five bucks a night gets you a big room on the beach down here. A dirty, moldy, run down room with cracks in the walls, but a room with a curious amount of charm. You can see through the high bamboo ceiling to the world of insects and Gecko’s, partly shielded as we are from the pounding rain by the rickety, leaking roof, the roaring of the waves sounding like they are inside the room itself.

A death has taken place; A mysterious death. When we came back from dinner a huge dead cockroach was on the floor in the middle of the room. The cockroach had been almost cut in half. A Gecko was moving in and out of the shadows of the rafters, the not so silent cockroach assassin, shrieking his victory cries. The Gecko must have gone for the cockroach which then fell onto the wobbly but fast spinning wooden fan hanging from the ceiling.

It looks like the weather was bad in a lot of these photos, but to be honest it was really good most of the time, and the temperature never deviates from a humid 28degrees so the rain is actually quite nice as it freshens things up a little. We were on our way to Manuel Antonio (which we just blew through in the end as it was too touristy) and liked Dominical so stopped to catch a few waves and spend the night.




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