Cornwall, UK

Cornwall, UK

Quick weekend trip over to the UK.


  1. L... 8 years ago

    Looks fun brov, sad I missed it again this year. How you finding the 550d? What lens did you get in the end?

  2. ptsp 8 years ago

    yea, missed u there too. The camera is great, there are a lot of modes/settings, so tricky to find the best one sometimes. Its a pain in the ass to carry around though, i have to say. Need to get my point and shoot fixed! I have the standard lens and ordered an f2 35mm prime too.

  3. Pa 8 years ago

    Piers, You obviously got back OK, it was great to see you and Jule here in Cornwall a very special few days and great pics. It’s raining today! take care, lots of love Pa

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