Berchtesgaden lunch ride

Berchtesgaden lunch ride

There is no doubting the beauty of Berchtesgaden just across the border in Germany and the brilliant roads in the mountains there. I have however avoided it on my bike up until now since last time I went there I got pulled over whilst going 70 in a 70 zone by some aggressive cops, thrown in the back of a police car, taken down to the station, had my bike impounded for 4 months, was threatened with being locked up in jail unless I signed loads of papers I couldn’t understand in German, had my exhaust permanently confiscated and was fined 1500 euro all for having an aftermarket exhaust!

This time, I was having an amazing ride and all was going well until i realized with horror that my license plate had fallen off. Bugger! Anyway, luckily I made it back the 30 minute drive along the back-roads and across the border into Austria without passing any cops this time, thank the gods!

It was at this point I realized my license plate had fallen off.


  1. Chester Rumble 7 years ago

    Oh man, these puctures make me miss Germany so much! I remember driving all those roads around the Nueschwanstein Castle and not wanting to stop!

  2. ptsp 7 years ago

    Come on down, the roads were pretty much empty man : )

  3. Chester Rumble 7 years ago

    I would love to but unfortunately I live in the States. I was only in Germany for a week during the summer.

    While I was there I also visited Berchtesgaden and spent a day at the Eagles Nest…that was surreal!

  4. Gantoo 7 years ago

    This look like riding the perfect bike on perfects roads :)

  5. ptsp 7 years ago

    @Gantoo pretty close I guess although I think the SMC would be a little bit better for these tight roads.

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