Abu dhabi to Sydney

Abu dhabi to Sydney

Takeoff and touchdown.


15 hours of torture in a tin can with a screaming baby in between. 30 hours travelling total. Can only get better hopefully! Couldn’t have done it without Jule who kept her cool when I was freaking out even more than the little’un when he had about his 6th screaming fit and we still had 11 hours left to fly.



  1. kenson 7 years ago

    Getting there is half the fun!

    • Author
      ptsp 7 years ago

      Haha sometimes maybe but not with our kid as he goes nuts after 5 mins of having to sit still. 30 hrs of travelling was hell man.

  2. kenson 6 years ago

    Also…if ’15 hours of torture in a tin’ was the title of a book…I’d buy it.

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