4 hours through the valleys

4 hours through the valleys

Went on a ride today with my friend Manuel, setting off from Salzburg to Wolfgangsee and then around a load of places I have never been before. Normally I head up into the mountains when I ride but today we traveled through the valleys and passes. Lots of elevation changes, but the roads are faster with sweeping, less twisty turns. The Duke was definitely in it’s element. So nice around here on a bike when the sun shines.

heading down to Wolfgangsee


This bike kind of makes you act like a delinquent. So easy to wheelie it.



  1. Hugo 6 years ago

    Great stuff!!
    Is Manuel Portuguese/Spanish/Brazilian/South American or all of the above??

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    Austrian :) He grew up around here which is why he knows so many amazing roads.
    He is a young coder/3d maestro/video editor/filmer working at Kiska. And his bike sounds annoyingly way better than mine as he took out the DB eater in his remus pipe and the Duke R also kicks out quite a few more horses. Can just about keep up with him.

  3. R-o 6 years ago

    get those dukes ready for the first week in July.
    You manged to get free for a ride to Mugello? if not see you on the way back through SZB.

    • ptsp 6 years ago

      Sort of it’s kiska enduro day that weekend. Get to test all the new bikes so going to do that. Would be great to ride with you though are u around on the Sunday? Or is that wen the race is? Maybe we could do a tour then? Or the next weekend too.

  4. R-o 6 years ago

    ride out for sure.

    enjoy the enduro! blue and yellow ktms to ride now too! haha

    evening ride out after work/afternoon would be good.

    we are in Italy on the 3rd for the race and then meandering back via as meany mountain passes as posible over the following week so probably around tesday/wednesday 5th-6th.

  5. Silver 6 years ago

    this question might see lame but what boots are you wearing? ive seen them on your riding pictures and they look cool.

  6. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    not lame at all man, I have an appreciation for nice footwear too. The boots are Gore-Tex Abingdon Timberlands, I bought them on haight street in San francisco for quite a lot of dollars, but not so much euros.
    They copy the traditional Apine mountain boots style but are much lighter, with a soft rubber sole, almost as soft as a skate shoe, which makes them better for general wear but actually not so good for riding as I am finding out with how quickly I am wearing through the sole. Especially riding supermoto style in corners with my foot out. The uppers are like new still though so I reckon I will just get them resoled with a harder rubber when they wear through.


  7. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @reno, cool looking forward to it!

  8. luca 6 years ago

    The wheeling up the river is the best!!!

  9. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    Thanks Luca!

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