This Is My Winter

This Is My Winter

Sketchy! That opening is crazy. Not a good spot to be in at all.

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  1. Hello. Wow. I have downloaded 3 big name US/Canada ski movies this winter (first time I’ve done that – I needed some stimulation). But this is so very real. I feel that the soundtrack is lacking, despite it’s obvious suitability. I write adventure film soundtracks. It’s a signature on the films and a revenue source for the film makers and me and my co-producer. I’d love to talk about further opportunities.

    Wow. Really, that is the greatest film made in the last 2 winters, at least. High def, near distance shots are great, but the majesty of the greatest mountains wins. All the best for season 2011-12.

    Dominique Fraissard BCIMA 2011 Top 3 Finalist – Peoples Choice, Best Folk/Traditional Recording, Best Roots/World Recording and Best Producer.

    Opener for Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio, the Waifs, Roger McGuinn and others

    “he’s great,.. he really inspired me” – John Butler

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