The Australian National Motorcycle Museum, Nabiac

The Australian National Motorcycle Museum, Nabiac

The traffic sucked, so we were running slightly slower than planned, and of course everything is always slower than planned with a baby in tow as well, and in a slow ass camper van too, so over 5 hours after heading north from Sydney and surrounded by gorgeous countryside we pulled into the remote village of Nabiac, home to Australia’s national Motorcycle museum containing over 700 bikes and seemingly not much else. My heart fell as we read the sign reading 7 days, 9-4. The clock on the dash read 4.02 and the place was deserted, so after a few moments of disappointment I snapped a couple of pics through the only windows I could see through and we set off out of there, heading off further up the coast.


  1. jamie 7 years ago

    Its a fascinating place, pity you missed it!

    Half of it is like a museum, and the other half is like a graveyard (as you can see in some of the pics) Most of the bikes in the museum are privately owned, so the museum is acting more like a parking garage of interesting relics. Restoration is up to the private owner.

    That last pic above shows has Cooper 250! (yellow tank with red stripes) crazy early 70’s Mexican made Enduro/MX designed by Frank Cooper using european parts… my dad bought and raced one brand new in 73, we are currently rebuilding it.

    Love your blog, your pics are so awesome ;)

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      thanks for the info. Happy you like the site. cheers!

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