Telemarking piste cruise

Telemarking piste cruise

I was trying to cut the video with some snowboard footage and add some music to it but premier kept crashing so now there is only telemarking and no sound. MP cruising, psp filming.


  1. mp 10 years ago

    Ah man, can’t install the flash-player here at BM, when I finally get my 30 seconds of fame on internet I can’t even watch it myself… ;) I’d like to have “Sabotage” as my background music if you manage to add it! Or maybe some norweigan folk-music would fit better for my lang-laufing?

  2. Author
    pierssp 10 years ago

    I added an easy gallery upload thing, so there is a new ‘gallery’ tab in the admin panel now which supports multiple uploads.; Should make it easier for multiple images..

  3. mp 10 years ago

    Hahaha, that looks soo slow man! Felt different…

  4. L... 10 years ago

    looks cool, 2 good tools for your site brov

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