Surfing in Salzburg

Surfing in Salzburg

The last thing I was expecting today was to go surfing, but as we cycled along we came across a group of people surfing on a small river not far from the center of salzburg. The weather was hot, the wave looked so tempting and after chatting for a while, one if the group was kind enough to lend me their board to give it a try. Was a little tricky to stay in the right spot on the wave but it was really fun. No photos of me but I got some of other people, the girls were really good.

I did a little research into the wave and it seems the city of Salzburg actually paid for the project. You can adjust the wave shape and height, in the photos it’s quite low which I think actually makes it harder than it would be when it was a bit bigger. It’s really hot at the moment, (I felt fine in boardshorts) but people surf it all year round which is pretty hardcore as the winters are seriously cold here.

A 90,000 euro project has seen wave machines installed in the Almkanal which used to supply water to the old town.

As the canal runs through the south of the city it encounters a natural drop of around 50cm. This has been used to create standing waves suitable for surfing.

Professional Alex Schwab was one of the many surfers to come and participate. His first impression was a very positive one and he commented that “the wave is much higher than I had thought, which is great”.

It certainly offers a different experience to that of open water. “Out at sea one sometimes has to wait a very long time for the next suitable wave, here on the river professionals can surf for hours on end” said water works representative Wolfgang Peter.


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