Stegenwald x-bowl arena, 2nd ride with the KTM 150sx

Stegenwald x-bowl arena, 2nd ride with the KTM 150sx

The X-Bowl arena in Stegenwald is one of the best motocross tracks I have ever ridden. Table tops, step ups, jump turns, banked corners and some really nice ruts to rail. It is a little rocky in places but with the mountains towering over you when you ride it’s hard to complain. I managed to clear all of the jumps this time except one in the far corner of the track which is kind of scary. Has a really short landing and it’s about 30m or so from the take off. Going to take my time over that one. I am a papa after all. Or a pussy. Hmmm.

The 2012 KTM 150 SX is really a great bike. It is so light and agile and you can really move it around in the air. The suspension with the linkage is light years ahead of my old 2001 PDS equipped 125sx (been tooo long since I last had an MX bike!) and tracks both around the corners and in a straight line so smoothly that it gives you a lot of confidence to try and push a little harder.

I guess it’s down to being out of practice, but to start with I was struggling to find the right gear to be in for each corner or jump. Most of the banked turns you could actually hit in third, give it some clutch and it would happily take off. When you manage to keep the 150 screaming it absolutely flies.

I have a way to go to get some decent speed back, but quite happy for the 2nd days riding. Slowly dusting the cobwebs off. Thanks to Franz for the photos, even if he did refuse to take one of me on the biggest jump I was hitting. “sorry dude, I want to ride” were his exact words. Fine, Let’s ride!

A couple of Franz.


  1. Franz 7 years ago

    yeah. next time i do a picture of you dude!! haha

  2. zacher 7 years ago

    sweet man… not that the ice is broken we can go ride together… off to a sweet lil sandtrack in hungary tomorrow…

  3. L... 7 years ago

    Sweet brov! Get the gopro happening so we can see you riding.

  4. Marcus 7 years ago

    Cool, P!

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