Standard Films: “TB 20” Teaser

Standard Films: “TB 20” Teaser

Great trailer.

Standard Films is proud to present the 20th film from the legendary Totally Board Series, TB20! Originating in 1991, the “Totally Board” movies pioneered big mountain snowboarding and revolutionized action sports movie production in a way that captured the essence of the sport. Fast-forward two decades later to TB20, where the legacy lives on through the ultra extreme snowboarding of today’s most talented pro shredders on the planet!


  1. Dunc 7 years ago

    Love the typo/motion gfx treatment on this…

    …what happened to last night’s post of the year?

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    you mean backstreet buckets? Hahaha, I just figured my Wife/Sister/mum would prob not appreciate it so much. I kind of clicked what backstreet buckets actually meant too. lol

  3. Dunc 7 years ago

    Haha, Thought as much – don’t think my girlie would’ve appreciated it either if she’d have looked across from the other side of the sofa…

    …actually she did probably look and my ass is toast :/

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