Zauchensee with Benny and Stefan

Zauchensee with Benny and Stefan

Firstly, apologies if you are into snowboarding or skiing and you are stuck in a city or somewhere flat reading this. I was for many years and I know how much it sucks to see people charging down amazing lines through waist deep powder. I hated looking at photos of people grabbing first lines after week(S) long heavy snowfall. I hated those people. But I wanted to be one of those people again, as I had tasted it when I was a teenager. I even tattooed the mountains on my arm to remind myself that life could one day be that sweet again, that there was a better place to live as life at that time stuck in a grey city sucked. Yes, life sucked then. Life is always up and down. Kind of like the act of snowboarding itself.

You can click the image to make it a bit bigger, but the 640px wide photos are courtesy of my 19 month old experimenting with my camera before we went out. Shame as some of the pictures would have come out pretty good. Maybe next weekend..


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