Westbeach tripoding

Westbeach tripoding

Jon Cartwright from Westbeach sent me an email about a new contest they are running. Pretty funny vid. Might give it a try when I go for  a few runs at lunch:

TRIPOD with us to WIN a Westbeach outfit!

Here’s what to do

1. Watch the Airtime video and get some inspiration
2. Go TRIPODING at your local hill
3. Show off some more and get a buddy to film or photograph you
4. Submit your entry:
Send your video or pics to competition@westbeach.com
(Filesize no more than 5MB – Acceptable formats .mov, wmv, .jpg)
Post your movie on YouTube label it “Westbeach Tripoding” and send us a link

The winner will be announced May 31st, 2009


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