Vidéo Candide Kamera 2

Vidéo Candide Kamera 2

[4/17/10 9:01:01 PM] yann berger: he’s the chef
[4/17/10 9:01:30 PM] piers: u know it
[4/17/10 9:02:08 PM] yann berger: he made a legend of his name, soulful skier
[4/17/10 9:02:19 PM] piers: artiste
[4/17/10 9:03:03 PM] yann berger: how big are those switch jumps…
[4/17/10 9:03:14 PM] yann berger: retarded
[4/17/10 9:03:55 PM] yann berger: he’s so good in free ski
[4/17/10 9:03:59 PM] piers: enorme
[4/17/10 9:04:20 PM] yann berger: candide for president. lol


  1. L... 8 years ago

    Bit too much cheesy slow mo music, but some epic shots in there. I recognise loads of that terrain from around Arlberg especially the avi barrier jumps…
    Damn I miss the mountains.

  2. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Yea, see that air at 5mins 40secs????! ridiculous!

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