Sunshine, mountains, roads, 690’s.

Sunshine, mountains, roads, 690’s.

No photos from today, just riding. Just me and my bike. And the mountains, and sun and the winding roads. Hot, jacket open. Visor down. Leaning into the wind. Smooth and easy. And fast, tricky not to go fast on the duke. But it feels safe. Slowing fast with the brakes too. Sitting up close on the tank on the tight bends it’s so quick from side to side. Generally aiming to brake early and accelerate early. With a little gas to balance the weight on the wheels around the bends. Empty roads, river’s, lakes. But no photos.
My wife said, “my god that’s cheesy, I didn’t know you had it in you.”
One of these older pics popped up on my screensaver so thought I would post a couple more with it from up on Rossfeld a few months ago. A few straights between the bends.


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