Spring snow / Frühlingsschnee

Spring snow / Frühlingsschnee


I love the Octograb.

Meanwhile elsewhere!

Years ago, when I worked in London as a Motorcycle courier for a few months to pay my rent between jobs, I was sent to pick up a package at some protest/riots at Euston station. It was late, I had been driving full speed in mad london traffic since 5am and I wanted to go home, but was under orders to stay there until there was some ‘violence’. Anyway, eventually it all kicked off and some people got beaten, some sh!t got smashed, people got arrested, there was a lot of shouting and the camera team got their violence, at which point I had to rush the tape to the TV station for broadcast. It was pretty exciting. I have no idea what it was about mind you. I asked a few people there but noone seemed to know. This time at least people are clear about what they are mad at, but does anyone have any solutions? At least people are not being apathetic I guess. Woop, whoop!


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