Shaun White – New tricks

Shaun White – New tricks

shaunwhite just released footage today of the new tricks that he has learned for the Olympics.

Some of these I saw him bust in the Burton NZ Open, some were in the new Burton movie, but not all…

He has kept the Switch Back 900 and Double Back Rodeo under wraps until now. I’m guessing it’s cos he slammed too many times learning them to get them on lock.

Both are crazy hard tricks, particularly the Rodeo cos he is going completely blind over his shoulder way out of the pipe…twice.

Love him or hate him, that is some serious progression which, as he points out, would have taken years without a private Olympic spec pipe and the foam pit (the recession doesnt seem to have hurt Red Bull too much then…)

He is gonna slay all the contests this winter if he doesnt get injured cos literally no one else so far can do these tricks.


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