Planai Opening Sat / Kitzsteinhorn Glacier Sun

Planai Opening Sat / Kitzsteinhorn Glacier Sun

First time up this season and we had over a foot of fresh powder already, on a reasonable base. Stoked!

Benny charging..

Me carving. Starting slow this year, having learnt from breaking myself first day of the season in the past.

My friend Chris was here from Frankfurt and so together with Jule we decided to go check out the Planai opening for Saturday afternoon which was a nice reintroduction to the snow. Some nice pow up the top.

Sunday we hit up Kitzsteinhorn Glacier which was fairly epic. It is much higher than Planai and there was a lot of snow already for middle of October.

So, small review on the 2010 Lib Tech Travis rice board. I have never ridden a banana or magne-traction board before so it  was a bit weird to start with. Has different balance points due to the C2 tapers and banana shape. Edge control is incredible with the magne-traction and I felt far more confident cranking it over than on my old board. Due to the width and size, edge to edge was a bit slower than I am used to and I needed to adjust my balance a bit (obviously). In powder it is really stable because it is wide and 161.5 long. Pop is good because it is quite stiff and both regular and switch are really stable when you throw down 180’s and the tapers makes it super easy to spin and jib around on. Overall it is a great board but it really needs to be ridden aggressively. The faster and harder I went the more it came into it’s own. I am 5ft 10inch so it is quite a big board for me and I think maybe the 157 would have been a better choice all around, but if it keeps snowing like this, the longer board should be brilliant.




  1. HH 8 years ago

    You must have ridden a banana in your time??? Not even at Charterhouse??? ;)

  2. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    ahaha, I escaped before you could force yours on me!

  3. HH 8 years ago

    There is no escaping the power of the marrow!

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