One run / Ein lauf

One run / Ein lauf




There is a small resort 15 mins from Salzburg called Dürrnberg and as we finished all the stuff we had to do on Saturday, we visited it for the first time for one run just before the lifts closed.

Many years ago when I lived in England, the only chance to snowboard on snow (rather than plastic) was to drive about 4 hours from London to Tamworth to snowboard once a week at their snowboard night, where they would set out some jumps between 9pm – 11.30pm on Wednesday nights. My good friend Henry and I would drive up there almost every week in the holidays, so stoked at a chance to snowboard on 100m of ice for a few hours, hit the jumps as hard as posible and then make the 4 hour drive back, bruised and  exhausted but happy for another week.

In comparison to that, Dürrnberg was pretty good, with it’s 3 lifts and thousand odd meters of decent. Jule wasnt so impressed, but it’s all relative I guess. We would have died back then for a slope like this so close to where we lived.

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