Lazy Sunday jibbing

Lazy Sunday jibbing

We were heading up to the Dachstein Glacier which has a big park and not much else, but on the way we spotted the Reiteralm lift working. Since neither Benjamin nor I had been there before we figured we might as well stop to check it out. There were just about enough pistes to keep us busy for an afternoon. The sun was shining almost unbelievably brightly and the snow was like spring snow. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

The more I use this Lib Tech T-Rice board the better I realize it is. The board has mad pop! The flex is so smooth too and you can get away with so much on it. It took me a while to get into it, but I have to say I am now fully converted, especially after trying a normal board again for a run. Benny in Beige, me in Green.


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